In 1940, the first floating bridge over Lake Washington was built, making it possible to travel quickly from Issaquah to Seattle.

Although photographs from the mid 20th century seem to show the town of Issaquah as small and timeless, by the 1950s, change was already occurring. The Lake Washington Floating Bridge, the first bridge across the lake, opened in 1940. This new path dramatically shortened the time needed to get from Issaquah to Seattle. The opening of the bridge meant that more Issaquah residents could find employment in Seattle – and that more Seattle residents could move to the east side of Lake Washington and still commute to work. During the 1950s, Seattle’s population dropped from 700,000 to 550,000 as a migration to the suburbs began. This program is a souvenir of the bridge’s dedication ceremony, held July 2, 1940. [IHM 74.009.161]