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The Story of a Quilt: Salmon Days, 1983

When artifacts come to the Issaquah Historical  Society, we often have a vague outline of where that item came from, where it has been, and what it meant to those who have owned it. In rare instances, an artifact comes to us with a long and detailed history. This summer we received one such item, […]


Jo’s Bob

As we examine some of the icons of the 1920s in the lives of our Local History Month heroines, we can’t help but consider the bob. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story, Bernice Bobs Her Hair, captures the transformative power of bobbed hair as a rite of passage into the Roaring Twenties. In Bernice’s case, she […]




Top 10 Records in the Digital Collections from 2013

    At the end of every year we’re able to see what the top records from our Digital Collections are – meaning which photo, document, letter, etc. was accessed by the most people. It always fascinates me to see what records make this list and it is never what I expect. The following are […]


From the Digital Collections: Labor Day Celebrations

Labor Day festivities were a time for laughter and outrageous jokes. In this photograph, circa the 1940s, members of the Issaquah Volunteer Fire Department, in drag, celebrate ”Miss Firehose of 1905,” who ”Still keeps her dates and town alive.” Pictured in the driver’s seat from left to right are: unidentified, Gordon Crosby, and Claude Brown. […]


From the Digital Archives: Camp Fire Girls

  Minnie Wilson Schomber’s Camp Fire Girls Uniform Full Record Just recently we photographed two Camp Fire Girls uniforms that we have in our collections. Our research for Local History Month of Josephine Cornick Ross, Minnie Wilson Schomber, and Ferol Tibbetts Jess landed us with a common thread – they all participated in Camp Fire. We […]


LHM: Jo Cornick’s Snapshots

One of the commonalities we’ve noticed between Josephine Cornick and Ferol Tibbets was their posession of personal cameras. In 1888, the Eastman Kodak Company released it’s first amateur camera. George Eastman’s goal was to make photography “as convenient as the pencil.” By the time Josephine Cornick and Ferol Tibbetts were old enough to shop for […]