Children’s Tours – School Tours of Issaquah History Museums

A guided tour is a fantastic way to explore Issaquah’s rich cultural heritage! You can arrange a guided tour of the Gilman Town Hall, the Issaquah Depot, or both.

Our age-appropriate guided tours for kids are designed to support and augment Issaquah School District’s curriculum standards. Tours may also fulfill requirements for Girl Scout, Boy Scout, or Camp Fire badges. We are happy to tailor our tours to the needs of your group!

Trained guides use inquiry-based methods to engage students and let them guide the tour. Both museums contain hands-on elements that make history come alive for kids.

Gilman Town Hall tours address the themes of pioneer life, communities,Issaquah’s early industries, and the general history of our town. Children can set off an imaginary charge with an authentic dynamite blaster, ring a logging camp bell, and explore the old old two-cell town jail constructed in 1914.

Issaquah Depot tours address the themes of the Industrial Revolution, travel and communication, and the early economic development of Issaquah. Students experience a bit of what it was like to be a railroad passenger, a station agent, or a member of the train crew. explore a variety of displays, many of which include interactive elements such as a telegraph.

You may also choose to extend your tour experience with a discussion of the Bill Haddon mural of Issaquah’s history, or a brief walking tour of sites around the Depot.

Scheduling Your Tour:

    • Allow 1 hour per facility for adult tours.
    • Allow 45 minutes per facility for school-age children tours.
    • Allow 30 minutes per facility for pre-school age children (3-5).
    • All tour arrangements are subject to the availability of docents and/or staff to conduct the tours.
    • Evening tours, Sunday tours, or holiday tours may be difficult to accommodate, although we will do our best!
    • Tour arrangements must be made at least two weeks in advance of the tour date.
    • Maximum group size is 25 people. If your group is significantly larger than 30, we can arrange multiple tour times or help you create a round-robin tour schedule.
    • Tour for Issaquah School District classes are free of charge. All other groups (including private schools, home-school organizations, and schools outside the district) are subject to our standard tour fees.
    • For all tours, we charge a tour fee of $10 in addition to standard admission.
    • Standard admission for adults is $2 per person.
    • Standard admission for kids is $1 per child, including accompanying siblings. Additional fees are waived for adult chaperons.
    • Fees should be paid by cash or check prior to the beginning of the tour.
    • Please let us know if admission fees are a barrier to your museum visit. We would be happy to work with you.

Ready to Schedule?

Let us know who you are and what kind of tour you’re interested! A staff member will get back to you soon.