In 1936, the Town of Issaquah formally deeded City Park land over to the State Department of Fisheries, for the construction of a salmon hatchery.


In 1935, Mona Jane Beers held a third birthday party at the home of her grandparents, Edith and Charles Beers. Ada Pickering baked the angel food birthday cake. Pictured from left to right are Joan Hillery, Mona Jane Beers, Patricia Moffat, Marline McGarvey, Laura Louise Lewis, and Claudia Miles.

[IHM 2000.003.015]


This 1934 property map shows who owned property on Issaquah’s Main Street (which is today Andrews Street).

Issaquah’s Main Street in 1934 [IHM 2002.0041.31ab-2]


In 1933, the Issaquah Alpines win their first regional championship. They would go on to win another 7, setting a regional record. #Issaquah125

Stella Alexander


In 1932, Stella May Alexander, Issaquah’s first woman mayor, is elected. #Issaquah125

Issaquah Rodeo, 1924


In 1932, the last rodeo – a tradition since the 1910s – is held at Memorial Field. #Issaquah125


In 1931, a new building for Issaquah High School was completed. The high school occupied the building from rom 1932 until 1962, when it became the Issaquah Junior High School. The building was was damaged beyond repair in the 1965 earthquake.

Issaquah High School in 1951. [IHM 87.150.031]


In 1930, following the crash of 1929, the nation is plunged into a Great Depression. Like others nationwide, Issaquah residents are impacted by the Depression in a variety of ways. #Issaquah125

Issaquah Kiwanis 75 Years


In 1929, the Kiwanis Club of Issaquah is formed in 1929 – and continues to service the Issaquah community to this day. #Issaquah125


In 1928, Henry Bergsma founded the Issaquah Valley Dairy, which delivered milk throughout the area until the dairy farm closed in 1962.

Issaquah Valley Dairy truck with driver [IHM 2011.035.001]