Issaquah’s Labor Day Queen was chosen from among contestants sponsored by local organizations like the Issaquah Kiwanis Club, Issaquah Lions Club, Albert Lawson Post of the VFW, Hobart Saddle Club, Issaquah Valley grange, and Eagles Club. Contestants for 1956 included Lois Nissley, Jackie Deering, Myrna Treharne, Barbara Johnson, Patricia Yourglich, and Ronaele Hellum. Lois Nissley was chosen as Queen.

[IHM 2002.035.001]


In 1955, Labor Day Queen Daisy Santa was crowned. In this photo she is surrounded by her court.

Labor Day Queen and her court in 1955. [IHM fic-2002-46c]


In 1954, Will and Anna Brooks were Grand Marshalls of the Labor Day Parade that ended on Memorial Field. The Brooks owned a dairy farm in the Issaquah Valley.

1954 Labor Day Parade Grand Marshals [IHM 2005.032.002]

Washington State Bank


In 1953, this photo was taken of the the Washington State Bank. Formerly the Bank of Issaquah, the bank was remodeled in 1949. The unfinished north side of the building indicates a belief that an adjacent building would be constructed in that location. 50 years later, the side is still exposed and still unfinished.

Washington State Bank

Washington State Bank, circa 1953. [IHM 91-7-88]


In this 1952 Labor Day photograph, “criminals” (from left to right) Dorothy “Sunny” Hailstone, Candy Hailstone, Don Hooker Hailstone, and J. Hooker Hailstone, peer at us from behind bars. They were convicted of a crime common in the town during Labor Day festivities. Anyone caught without a beard was put in jail and was not released until bail, a hefty one-dollar fine, was paid.

Labor Day “criminals” behind bars in 1952. [IHM 2001-29-1]


In 1951, Bill Flintoft is appointed to Issaquah’s City Council. He goes on to serve as Issaquah’s Mayor, a position he holds longer than any other before him. #Issaquah125


In 1950, Malinda, the daughter of Issaquah High band director Bill Klein, wandered off and was lost for four hours, inspiring a number of townspeople to join the hunt.

Ray Robertson


In 1949, Raymond J. Robertson serves as Town Marshal. One of the changes he brings about is the purchase of Issaquah’s first squad car. #Issaquah125

Kiwanis Follies program


In 1948, the Issaquah Kiwanis Club hosted the Kiwanis Follies, a variety show emceed by writer Richard Erickson, who published the Town Crier newspaper. Soda sales at intermission benefited the Issaquah High PTA.

Kiwanis Follies program

Tri-fold Kiwanis Follies program dated November11-13, 1948 lists names of performers, patrons, musical numbers, etc. [IHM 89.020.202]

Kiwanis Follies


Introducing 1948 Ford models at Hepler Auto Sales


In 1947, Hepler Auto Sales premiered the 1948 Ford models at this community celebration.

 Introducing 1948 Ford models at Hepler Auto Sales

This image depicts the introduction of Ford’s 1948 models in 1947. The image includes Lee Hepler in middle, and Jim Brady (with hand on the trunk of the convertible). [IHM ]