Today in History: January 7, 1953

Douglas C-54

Douglas C-54, courtesy Wikipedia

Fifty-three years ago today (January 7. 1953), a Douglas C-54 Flying Tiger cargo plane flew into Squak Mountain and exploded. All seven of the passengers were killed. Phil Dougherty’s account on draws on original news coverage of the incident, as well as interviews with people who remember the event.

Issaquah’s history has been marked by at least two other airplane accidents.

On Octber 12, 1969 a Shelton man piloting an ErCoupe 415D crashed near Lake Side Sand and Gravel (near exit 17). He had been circling the area for several hours, unable to get his bearings. He did not survive the crash. What is purpoted to be the steering wheel from his plane is part of the Issaquah History Museums collection.

On June 9, 1971, two men escaped without injury after crashing a Cessna 150 near Pine Lake.