Mail Call

We recently received this email from a fellow whose visit to our web site sparked this memory of the Triple X:

I was recently looking at the history of the Triple X restaurant in Issaquah, WA.  My name is Roger J. Noel and I worked on the project for my father Jay Noel as well as the Triple X in North Bend.  I especially remember working on the large sign and the large amount of concrete and steel used for it’s base.  I guess I would consider my father as the first owner, since he opened and operated it for a short period of time along with a cycle and snowmobil store next to it.  I hope this information is of some interest to you.  It has been a long time ago, but it seems like yesterday that my wife and I rented a small unit across from the Grange with a small creek running behind it.  Seeing the article on the Triple X brings back some great memories


Roger J. Noel