Archives Preservation Roadshow

Most of our staff’s professional efforts are, appropriately, concentrated on the work of the Issaquah History Museums. But it is also true that we benefit from contact with other people in our field, and we can also help or be helped by people who do not happen to come to Issaquah. A year or two ago, I was in the process of finding the best home for some glass plate negatives that had nothing to do with Issaquah but much to do with a prominent alumnus of UW. We wound up transferring the gpn’s to the Special Collections at the University. In the process, I was invited to join the Seattle Area Archivists organization. I have been very glad I joined. The group is composed of bright, professional people who work with archival and photographic collections throughout the region. We meet in each other’s facilities, learn about the holdings and projects for their care and study, and have a chance to share knowledge up and down a couple of generations of archivists and curators. Our next sharing opportunity will be the “Archives Preservation Roadshow,” to be held on Saturday, May 14, from 10:00 to 2:00, at the National Archives and Records Admistration faciltiy at Sand Point. (The poster is reproduced below, but the print is looking very tiny.) We will be providing free advisory services for people who have questions about the care of documents and photos. Note, though, that we will not be providing price valuations–that’s a different specialty. I am looking forward to volunteering that Saturday and hope that some of you will make it in. There will be tours and talks, as well as opportunities to meet with archivists one-on-one. I wonder what the coolest thing we’ll see that day will be?