Linda Ruehle with City Ordinance Book
Quarantine Baking: Vintage Recipe Edition
Thanks to the quarantine, you, like our archivist, may now have some time to try out some of Issaquah's vintage recipes. Click here to try out Vic's Cream Muffins!

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Newly-Digitized Press Yields More Than 100 Years of Stories
Thanks to a generous donation from local philanthropist Skip Rowley, of Rowley Properties, the full archives of The Issaquah Press are now available online! Click to explore.

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Rodeo 1928
Issaquah History Museum Collections
Through our digital collections site, you can access contents of our photo files, letter collections, important documents, and oral histories.

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Get your ALL ACCESS PASS to all our Museums:

Gilman Town Hall Museum

165 SE Andrews Street
Open Thurs-Fr-Sat, 11-3

Built in, 1886, the Gilman Town Hall features a permanent exhibit called “In This Valley: The Story of Our Town,” which uses photographs, artifacts, and interactive elements to explore different aspects of Issaquah’s past.

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Issaquah Depot Museum

78 First Avenue NE
Open Fri-Sat-Sun, 11-3

The city’s train depot was built in 1889, and now holds a museum with exhibits that explore the industrial revolution, travel, communication, and the early economic development of Issaquah.

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Issaquah Valley Trolley

78 First Avenue NE
Open Sat-Sun, 11-3, May-Sept

The city’s historic Issaquah Depot Museum hosts the popular Issaquah Valley Trolley, which typically runs May-September. Trolley Car #519 is a vintage electric trolley car originally manufactured in Philadelphia, PA in 1925.

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In 2011, we launched a project to digitize our collections and make them available to researchers on-line. Several years into the project, we are still realizing the value of the information we have gathered. We’re thrilled to be able to share the contents of our photo files, letter collections, important documents, and oral histories! Collectively, these materials tell the story of Issaquah, and, individually, they provide invaluable insights on people and events that helped shape the region and have profound relevance today.



125 Years of Issaquah

In 2018 Issaquah celebrated its quasquicentennial – or its 125th anniversary. Fertile farmland drew early settlers here, and the first major crop was hops for use in beer. Later, the railroad brought honest coal miners and loggers mixed with henchmen and bunko artists to create a colorful history for you to explore.

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Experience Issaquah’s History

We offer a broad range of events throughout the year to help you experience Issaquah’s hidden history in its familiar landscapes. These include interactive programs, mining and logging hikes, downtown history hikes, and events and hikes especially for kids. 

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Joining In

Are you interested in local history? Do you enjoy meeting and talking to people? We invite you to sign up as a volunteer docent. Docents staff the Issaquah Depot Museum and the Gilman Town Hall Museum, greeting visitors and answering basic questions.  

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