May is Local History Month

Issaquah, Wash.  – For the second year, Issaquah will celebrate Local History Month during May. The purpose of a designated history month (or week, or day) is to spotlight and celebrate an area of history that is often overlooked. Local History Month is an opportunity for residents to consider the big themes present in the history of small places. Each community has its own weird, wild and wonderful stories that are unique to that place. Sharing these stories helps connect community members to their place, and also to each other, as public recognition of local history helps to foster local pride, maintain community character, and build a deeper sense of appreciation for the place itself.

In celebration of Local History Month, the Issaquah History Museums have several suggestions on how residents might celebrate Issaquah's unique history:

    • Purchase a limited edition T-shirt featuring a historic image from an old rodeo poster in the museums’ collection.

    • Attend a Downtown History Hike on Saturday, May 4 (11 AM – 1:30 PM). Led by Museum Director Erica Maniez, this stroll through Issaquah's past will give you a new way to look at familiar downtown sites.

    • Learn how to maintain your own history at a Preserving Your Past workshop, on Saturday, May 19 (10 AM – 4 PM). Trained professionals will give you guidelines for preserving family artifacts and photographs, and will help you find solutions for your preservation challenges.

    • Watch our blog for hints on where you can find local history online.

    • Enjoy one of six local history-themed coffee drinks at the Common Grounds coffee stand.

    Additional information about all of these opportunities are available on our web site ( 

    For additional information about Local History Month, or the Issaquah History Museums, contact us at or 425-392-3500.






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