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  1. Vern "Babe" Anderson
  2. Elvin Barlow & Marie Chandler
  3. Beryl Baxter
  4. Dorothy Hailstone Beale
  5. Delores Kinnune Busby
  6. Esther Jones Bush (coming soon)
  7. Floyd Bush (coming soon)
  8. Pat Currie
  9. Ivan Darst (coming soon)
  10. Camilla Berg Erickson
  11. Bill Evans
  12. Robert G. Evans (coming soon)
  13. James  "Pinky" Hailstone, Sr.
  14. Eleanor Burke Harrell
  15. Lee Hepler
  16. John Hircko
  17. Emery Coburn Hill
  18. Eleanor Wicklund Hope
  19. William Hunt (coming soon)
  20. Jake Jones, Jr.
  21. Ruth Kees (Part I)
  22. Ruth Kees (Part II)
  23. Paul Koss (coming soon)
  24. Dan Kramer (coming soon)
  25. Dave Lewis, Jr.
  26. Mary E. Lewis
  27. Mary Colton Lucas
  28. Irja Maunus
  29. Fred Nelson (coming soon)
  30. Ernie Neuman
  31. A. J. Peters
  32. Olive Quigley (coming soon)
  33. Josephine Cornick Ross
  34. Minnie Wilson Schomber (coming soon)
  35. Walter Seil

Further Information

Copyright law grants copyright of oral histories to the interviewees. Use of the material in an oral history is therefore governed by copyright restrictions. The fact that we have posted the transcript of an interview on this site DOES NOT necessarily mean that it has been released as a public domain document--the specific wording of the grant of deed is controlling. Therefore, no use (beyond limited quotation) should be made of the transcripts of these interviews without the express permission of the Issaquah History Museums.

Oral history is a method of collecting historical information through recorded interviews between a narrator with firsthand knowledge of historically significant events and a well-informed interviewer, with the goal of preserving substantive additions to the historical record. Oral histories are a natural complement to our archival collections and to our historical research and scholarship. However, individual oral histories are memories of a single individual and cannot, by themselves, be the sole source of information about particular historical events. Individual oral histories are like pieces of a colorful mosiac--the full picture can only be seen when the perspectives of many individuals are combined into a meaningful whole.

Brackets surround information added during editing, or words or phrases that were inaudible to the transcriber. In some instances, footnotes provide correction, clarification, or additional information to the original interview, however the Issaquah History Museums have not systematically verified the full contents of each history.



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