LIMITED EDITION Local History Month T

Celebrate Local History Month (May) with a one-of-a-kind T-shirt. Based on a rodeo poster in the museum's collection, this T-shirt commemorates a chapter in Issaquah's history. Yes, Issaquah actually had a rodeo! Imagine horses racing each other down a dusty Front Street, or townspeople competing with trained riders in rodeo events at Veterans' Memorial Field.

This T-shirt will start conversations -- soon you, too, will be saying, "Yes, Issaquah actually had a rodeo!"

You must order shirts before April 25 in order to guarantee availability. Shirts will be available for pick-up (shipping also available) by May 1. You may order via Paypal (below) or by using this form.

$17.50 ($15.25 for members of the IHM)*

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The rodeo poster that inspired this T is on exhibit at the Gilman Town Hall (IHM FIC.2003.65)

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