Preserving Your Past: Caring for Family Photos & Artifacts

10:00 AM-3:00 PM, Issaquah Depot (includes lunch break)

10 AM - Noon: Basics of Preservation & Storage
Noon - 1 PM: Lunch (on your own)
1 PM - 2 PM: Preserving Your Photographs & Documents
2 PM - 3 PM: Finding Solutions


Learn about the basics of preservation and how they apply to your own personal artifacts. The workshop will include hands-on demonstrations and the opportunity to brainstorm solutions to your own preservation challenges. Attendees will also receive a copy of “Preserving Family Heirlooms and Photographs.” Workshop cost is $15 for members of the Friends of the IHM, $20 for nonmembers)

Bring your questions and challenges! Discussion topics at previous workshops have included:

  • How should I store or exhibit a family quilt?
  • What can I do about a tightly rolled photograph/document?
  • What should I do with some antique family furs?
  • How can I display my photographs or artifacts without causing deterioration?
  • What is the safest way to clean antique textiles (dresses, quilts, etc)?

Presented by Julie Hunter & Erica Maniez, the Collections Manager and Museum Director (respectively) of the Issaquah History Museums. Together, Julie and Erica have more than forty years of museum experience.


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