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In 1963, Irving Petite, a Tiger Mountain resident since 1941, publishes a book called “Mister B,” about the orphaned bear he took in. Petite authored a number of other books inspired by his life on Tiger Mountain. #Issaquah125


In 1961, Pastor Hendrickson of the Community Baptist Church has a hair-raising experience. #Issaquah125

Making Hisssstory

The Issaquah police and community residents didn’t doubt the Reverend’s tale, or the rattle at the end of it. Click to read more about the snake that made hisssssstory!

Bojo The Horse-Riding Dog

In addition to being one of the founding members of the Issaquah Historical Society (today’s Issaquah History Museums), Harriet Fish was a writer who researched and recorded the stories of her fellow Issaquahns. She and her husband, Edwards Fish, wrote mostly about Issaquah’s distant history. But Harriet Fish also enjoyed recording Issaquah as it was […]

The Neukirchen Brothers and the Northern Pacific

In 2010, volunteers from the Western Division of the Northern Pacific Railway Historical Association stopped by to talk about a project they were working on. They were in the midst of sorting through the Jim Frederickson collection, some of which dealt with the railroad in Issaquah. They generously offered to loan out the items so that we […]