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The residents of the rapidly-growing Squak Valley settlement vote to incorporate their settlement as the town of Gilman, named after railroad founder Daniel Hunt Gilman. #Issaquah125

Anita Huovar

The Issaquah History Museums aim to preserve what we call “local history” – the stories of people and events in our immediate area. But “local history” is never only local. The story of any area is always impacted by other events – regional, national, or global – and people rarely stay in just one area. We […]

What Bertha’s Correspondence Tells Us

New tidbits about Issaquah’s past are constantly revealing themselves here at the Issaquah History Museums. We recently received a treasure trove of letters from the late 1890s and early 1900s, all written to Bertha Wold Baxter. What can we learn from Bertha’s correspondence? Find out!

Biography of James W. Bush

James W. Bush came to Squak Valley “at a time when it was literally a jungle, the haunt of wild animals and frequented by hostile Indians.”

Biography of Herbert S. Upper

“Can any pleasure in life compare With a charming drive in open air? A spirited horse of royal breed With just a little more style and speed Than any you meet, and it matters not If his gait be pace or a swinging trot.”