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In 1913, Issaquah & Superior Coal Company begins operations under the management of the colorful German Alvo von Albensleben. #Issaquah125


In1911, the first three graduates of Issaquah High School receive their diplomas; Issaquah’s newest high school is named after these three young women. #Issaquah125


In1910, John Neukirchen seeks to have a rail spur built just south of town for use by the Neukirchen Brothers Mill. A collection of railroad documents chronicles the challenges both the Neukirchens and the Northern Pacific encounter in this seemingly simple request. #Issaquah125


In 1909, the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition opens. This pass allows George Day to see the Exposition for up to seven days #Issaquah125


1908 is a bad year for Mary Kranick, who lost her father and got in trouble with the law. #Issaquah125


In 1907, Paul Koss is born to Austro-Hungarian immigrants. He lived in Issaquah for more than 99 years, and participated in a Memory Book project in 2000. #Issaquah125


In 1906, John Drylie serves as Town Marshal. Issaquah’s marshalls didn’t receive much in the way of formal training, and were responsible for things like herding cattle out of the street and replacing light bulbs in the street lights. #Issaquah125


In 1905, someone creates this wallet, which eventually finds its way into the collections of the Issaquah History Museums. Who was Ricardo? What do the B and C stand for? There are still many mysteries within our collections…. #Issaquah125


On this day in 1904, the wedding of Wilhilmena Stevens and John J. Eastlick is celebrated in Issaquah. Friends and relatives of the bride collaborate on this bridal quilt. #Issaquah125