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In 1985, Ruth Kees founds the Issaquah Environmental Council, which is still active here in Issaquah. #Issaquah125


In 1982, Issaquah resident Dorothy Jackson captures old Issaquah in a one of a series of paintings. #Issaquah125


In 1978, Issaquah passes Ordinance 1297, which deals the the remnants of Issaquah’s mining heritage. #Issaquah125


Between the late 1960s and late 1970s, the The Issaquah High School Jazz band, led by William Klein, put out annual albums. #Issaquah125


In 1975, the Issaquah trestle is slowly dismantled to make way for an I-90 overpass. #Issaquah125


In the 1970s, rapid development encourages concerned citizens to found Issaquah Residents for Environmental Quality (IREQ). #Issaquah125


In 1972, Betty Konarski, owner of the Country Mouse consignment store, convinces Marvin and Ruth Mohl to scrap their plans to create another strip mall, and to create what would be Gilman Village instead. #Issaquah125


In 1972, Ithe Issaquah Historical Society (today’s Issaquah History Museums) is founded by a group of long-time residents. #Issaquah125