About the Issaquah History Museums

Issaquah History Museums discover, preserve, and share the history of Issaquah and surrounding vicinity.  We connect the past to the present, to inform the future.

The Issaquah History Museums are a a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, tax ID #23-7425589. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.  We receive generous support from the City of Issaquah, 4Culture, and supporters like you.


Museum Director Erica S. Maniez erica.maniez@issaquahhistory.org
Programs Coordinator Lissa Kramer lissa.kramer@issaquahhistory.org
  Collections Manager Julie Hunter julie.hunter@issaquahhistory.org
Administrative Coordinator Laura Hall laura.hall@issaquahhistory.org
  Archives Specialist Julia Belgrave julia.belgrave@issaquahhistory.org

Board of Directors

Bob Brock, President
Jean Cerar, Vice President
Lee Haro, Treasurer
Tom Anderson, Board Secretary & Communications Committee Chair
Anne McGill, Ways & Means Committee Chair
Brandon Claycomb
Barb DeMichele
Al Erickson
Pamela Fox
Mary Scott
Don Robertson

In 1972, a group of residents came together to form the Issaquah Historical Socety. In 2004 we became the Issaquah History Museums. In order to fulfill our mission, our chief goals are:

  • to document, protect and interpret historic artifacts, sites and information
  • to promote local history and heritage to community members and visitors alike
  • to serve the community through education and cooperation

Each of our programs and services are designed to fulfill one of more of these goals. Our key activities include:

  • operation of two museums with changing exhibits
  • caring for a collection of artifacts and photographs
  • collaborating with the School District to provide tours and make our resources available to them via traveling history kits
  • publication and dissemination of historic information in the form of books, brochures and newsletters
  • educating the public about history and historical resource preservation through special programs, our web site, and a research center
  • working with community groups to provide historic interpretation in conjunction with various events
  • interpreting the historic rail line through operation of a vintage trolley

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