Hobos and Homelessness [Summer 2015]

Explore hobos and homelessness through the lens of history and art. More...

Grand Ridge Mine Hike [Saturday, June 20, 10:30am - 12:30pm]

Explore the dark and dangerous past that lies beneath the Issaquah Highlands neighborhood. More...


Visit our Gilman Town Hall Museum and our Issaquah Depot Museum, and ride our Issaquah Valley Trolley.


Discover Issaquah's past through our extensive digital collection of photos and documents.


Help preserve and share Issaquah's rich history by making a bit of your own at one of our upcoming events.
Update from our Director

As we ease into spring and summer, we are taking history outdoors! Lace up your walking shoes and explore the dark and dangerous past that lies beneath the Issaquah Highlands neighborhood on June 20. If a roof overhead better suites the day, join us in the comfort of the historic Depot to enjoy a contemporary art exhibit. On weekends, you can also gather some friends and family and hop on the Issaquah Valley Trolley. You never know who you might see on board!

Throughout the year, we reach out to people like you to ask for help in covering the museums' most basic needs. Project grants and corporate support cover the cost of special events, exhibits, and other programming, but it is the ongoing support from community members like you that keep the foundation of the Issaquah History Museums strong. Please help us protect Issaquah’s heritage by ensuring that we have the funds we need to care for it. Join us or renew your membership today!